Trip Report – Meeting Sylvester the ‘rondloper’ lion !

A most magnificent beast, well worth saving….

Like most of you, we closely followed he escapades of Sylvester as he wandered around the Karoo countryside evading recapture…TWICE – rejoicing each time he out maneuvered the capture teams – what a guy ! πŸ™‚
He was clearly not happy at the Karoo National Park, feeling under threat by two more mature lions. Thankfully SANParks decided to move him to Kuzuko which is a Contractual area to the greater Addo Elephant National Park.

As we were eager to see this beautiful boy, we decided to take advantage of the WINTER SPECIALS on offer at Kuzuko Lodge so that we could get to see him. ( look out for details on a SPECIAL special offer to you, followers of Africa, this is why I live here, at the end of this blog )

Here Kitty kitty.... :) With eager anticipation, hardly containing our excitement, we clamboured on board Siviwe's game viewer for what promised to be an afternoon to remember....
Here Kitty kitty…. πŸ™‚
With eager anticipation, hardly containing our excitement, we clambered on board Siviwe’s game viewer for what promised to be an afternoon to remember….
Firstly we came across Sylvester’s soon to be harem, two young lionesses ( Angel and Nicka ) who were moved from Addo main camp some time ago. What beautiful ladies they have grown into, they should keep Sylvester’s wanderlust in check right ? πŸ™‚


And suddenly, there he was…. and we could see immediately what the fuss was all about…. a more magnificent lion would be hard to find ! Poor Siviwe had his hands full keeping us from jumping up and down from excitement and trying to get an even better view….


How utterly fabulous, wine-o-clock in the company of lion…. ( and not forgetting about the delicious snack platters ) #chingching ! THIS, is why I live here πŸ™‚
Not sure what he was locking his eyes on… our delicious snacks or HIS ladies shmoozing alongside the fence with another handsome lion nearby….or me – gulp πŸ™‚
On a high after such an incredible afternoon, we headed on back to the beautifully appointed Kuzuko lodge – to a warm welcome, softly lit lodge, hot towelettes, delicious dinner aromas filling the air and the sounds of clinking ice cubes making their way towards us….. what more could a gal ask for…..


Next on our bucket list….Mountain Zebra at dawn please Siviwe….. and boy did he deliver !
On seeing the brass markers high up on a pole in the lodge, markers that indicate the unbelievable heights of some of the elephant in the reserve – the tallest being Sarecen who stands 3.3m at the shoulder – we so hoped to run into that bad boy too…. We did see him at a distance but it was this youngster who stole the show – most put out at having his breakfast so rudely interrupted that he ran right at us trumpeting his displeasure. Got the old ticker racing, I won’t lie…..
Eland, kudu, steenbok, black wildebeest, buffalo, jackal, korhaan, kori bustards, mountain zebra, goshawks and much much more to fill our 4 hour long morning game drive…where it up to us we would have stayed out all day…..
Hoping for another last visit with Sylvester we headed out for a late afternoon drive. Suddenly he is shy…. or maybe just camera shy…being a celebrity is not for sissies I guess πŸ™‚


Sylvester, saved by public demand !
The wonderful winter sun makes for the most amazing long, lingering golden hours into the setting sun, showing this beautiful boy off in a most magical way…. Bravo to SANParks for giving this magnificent beast a second chance. Thank you to management and staff at Kuzuko for offering him a safe haven in this Place Of Glory – long may he live and go on to sire a multitude of equally magnificent tiny tykes…we look forward with much anticipation to a return visit.

Winter time is always a good time to take advantage of WINTER SPECIALS that many places offer.
Catharina of Kuzuko Lodge has very kindly offered to put together a very SPECIAL special for followers of Africa, this is why I live here.
Email Catherina onΒ [email protected]Β and mention that you are responding to the Winter Special on offer to Africa , this is why I live here followers.
Besides the unforgettable thrill of seeing Sylvester and the other lion, you are sure to be spoilt to within an inch of your life by the wonderful and warm staff at Kuzuko.
It truly is The Place Of Glory !

The other option to you is to make use of the Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism’s BAY PASS. There are a few options available but for R475.00 you can choose up to 5 different experinces in and around Port Elizabeth. One of the experiences is a three hour guided game drive and a hearty lunch out on the deck of the lodge.
Who can so no to THAT !
Click here for more details on the Nelson Mandela Bay Pass:
Nelson Mandela Bay Day Pass

Click here for more details on the Kuzuko Free Safari and Lunch :
Kuzuko Free Safari and Lunch


Good night..... sweet dreams....
Good night….. sweet dreams….

5 thoughts on “Trip Report – Meeting Sylvester the ‘rondloper’ lion !

  • June 9, 2016 at 11:13 pm

    Love the look of this page and its contents. Interesting and humorous. Love reading all about the subjects’

    • June 10, 2016 at 11:43 am

      Thanks so much Mom, Dad did a good job setting it all up and then teaching me hey ! Its a lot of work but I’m enjoying it πŸ™‚

  • June 10, 2016 at 6:14 am

    Thank you Ayesha for sharing your experience with us and I love the new blog. Well done!

    • June 10, 2016 at 11:42 am

      Thank you Charmaine, worried that it might be too long – knowing myself and how I’m never keen to read looong pieces πŸ™‚
      Aprreciate hearing from you xx

  • October 12, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    Oh wow! Thanks for this and def going to start saving for another visit to Addo and Sylvester.


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