Remembering Rhinos – Where there is new life, there is hope…

We have been sitting on a secret for MONTHS, I know so many of you will be as thrilled as we are to hear this news…..

We are honoured that a selection of images of our little boy #Tank ‘s birth here at Kragga Kamma Game Park will be featured in Remembering Rhinos ! ( a few pics here to whet you appetite )

On the back of the massive success of a fundraising initiative in the form of a magnificent coffee table book – Remembering Elephants – the brainchild of Margot Raggett , the next book in the Remembering Wildlife series is just two weeks away from being launched –  Remembering Rhinos !
Many of the worlds best wildlife photographers, who have a deep desire to see the species saved from extinction and see an end to their poaching,  have generously donated their best rhino images for this very special publication.
All profits will go to rhino protection projects via the The Born Free Foundation  in collaboration with Margot Raggett.

A few months back, while doing a daily headcount of our family herd of rhino – we noticed a new pair of ears barely seen in the long grass beside a rhino cow who was tucked right in to a protective clump of bushes. With barely contained excitement and almost unable to believe our eyes, we marveled at this brand new tot just born !
Squeals of delight had to be bottled in so as not to disturb mom and her brand new calf. THIS is not something you stumble across in the veld on a regular basis – what a privilege and thank goodness for LONG LENSES ! 🙂
Umbilical cord still attached but the new tot has managed to wobble to it’s feet… by the look on his face not much amused by his new surroundings…or maybe its just the look of fierce concentration as he struggles to stay up on his feet 🙂
And then mom got to work getting rid of the evidence of new birth – isn’t nature just incredible – instinctively she knows that the smell of blood would attract predators to her vulnerable calf …AND the afterbirth is also beneficial to her as it is high in nutrients.
After her calf managed to eventually find the right end to suckle on, a well deserved nap for mom, while junior tries to snuggle in as close as possible….. What a wonderful day – and unforgettable experience… Africa, THIS is why I live here !


For pre orders, please click here: Pre Order Remembering Rhinos

1 November at 18:00–23:00 UTC Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) 1 Kensington Gore, SW7 2AR London, United Kingdom

Fellow Friends Of Rhino in the UK – you’re invited to attend the launch of what’s sure to be THE most incredible rhino book ever – Remembering Rhinos!
Rub shoulders with an incredible array of world renowned wildlife photographers whose images grace the pages, celebrities galore all of whom would be delighted to sign your copy I’m sure.
Please take lots of pics for us poor sods unable to make the event and please give the brainchild behind the book, Margot Raggett a great big thank you hug on behalf of our rhino !
Ticket Information and to book your seat, please click on this link: Remembering Rhinos Book Launch and Exhibition 

Remembering Rhinos on Facebook

As rhino owners of a small game park in the Eastern Cape of South Africa,  we are so very grateful for all the help we, and other rhino owners, get in keeping the plight of our continents rhino alive and in the public eye. The efforts that some people are making, especially ones like Remembering Rhinos are just staggering. We cannot do this alone, even though it often feels like we are – it’s incredibly heartening to see initiatives like this and also to be a very small part of it.
Thank you to all contributing photographers, editors, printers, volunteers and celebrities – absolutely anyone who has had a hand in bring this book to fruition and the necessary funds to our rhino.
The biggest thanks and admiration go to one incredible woman, Margot Raggett – dynamite really does come in small packages !

You can follow your regular rhino updates via our facebook page Kragga Kamma Game Park 
Please Note that we keep our family herd of rhino dehorned and that we have eyes on 24/7 in attempt to keep them safe from harm.


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