Where there is love, there is hope….

imgp0694-copyThe decision to de-horn our rhino here at Kragga Kamma Game Park was not an easy one. Even after having made the decision, the question remained, ”are we doing the right thing ? ”
There is no ‘right thing’ in this fight to keep our rhino safe from heartless and ruthless poachers. Every single rhino custodian must make decisions on how best to protect the rhino in their care. Nothing is a sure thing, but doing nothing is a sure way to heartache….

I wanted to make our de-horning day more about the big hearts that are involved in trying to keep our rhino safe from harm. Even though the rhino are undoubtedly the ‘stars of the show’ , it’s the people who care so much about OUR rhino and the horror that is griping our nations rhino, who must be acknowledged here.

7 year old Bembi, born on our property, has never felt the touch of human hands. We are so grateful that the first hands to touch her were loving hands and not hands that harm.

Bembi, 7 years old – all grown up now….

It is mind numbing to consider just how many helping hands it is taking to protect rhino. From Rangers on the ground, security personal, to the media and NGO’s who keep the cause in the public eye, to the everyday people who post/share/comment/sign petitions/write emails, and the rhino owners together with their families and their friends, business colleagues… it is all consuming…matters rhino dominate our every day, every get together – we all live eat breath rhino 24/7…. yet all it takes to cause massive heartbreak and devastation is a few heartless, ruthless pairs of hands….

It’s enough to have one consider throwing in the towel right…..
But then life throws you a sign, I believe in signs…

The day before de-horning, marvelled at seeing the heart shape on Bella’s side….


Big hearts gathering to form a symbolic wall of protection.

De-horning day dawned, as with any immobilisation, there is always some risk – those present formed a symbolic ring of protection around the rhino as wildlife vet Dr William Fowlds and his team quickly worked to complete the procedure….


Can you imagine my utter amazement on seeing another heart symbol, this time on our big bull Chuck…a perfect heart inside his horn ? !

Suddenly, I just knew that we had made the right decision for OUR rhino. That among the horror that is gripping our nations rhino, here is a symbol of hope that we are going to grab with both hands. A symbol that represents the multitude of big hearts that are helping us in particular keep our family herd of rhino safe – natures ‘Thank You’.

Where there is LOVE there is HOPE….From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who play your part in in this fight, collectively we WILL beat this.
This is what the hoohaa is all about – keratin….
Wildlife vet keeping her finger on the pulse, measuring the rhino’s heartbeat while under sedation.

SOMEBODY KNOWS SOMETHING – do the right thing and make that call. 078 696 9494.


Its important to keep the plight of our rhino alive in and in the public eye. You can do your bit by continuing to talk about it, share and post about it….

UPDATE – Bembi has since had a calf ! 🙂

UPDATE – last year, we had to dehorn 7 year old rhino cow Bembi due to a number of possible poaching related incidents. Months later she gave birth to bouncy Bonnie….This happy occasion might not have happened had we not made the difficult decision to dehorn her…
Hours old and trying her best to keep up with mom as she makes her way to a nearby waterhole for a much needed drink of water…. #THISiswhyIlivehere !

We are based just outside Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Our entire family herd of rhino are dehorned and trimmed regulary to keep their horns short.
You can find us on:
Website : Kragga Kamma Game Park
acebook: KKGP on facebook
Instagram: KKGP on instagram


The Wilderness Foundation Africa, through the Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative and the Wildlife Operations Group, has offered a R100 000 reward for information leading to the successful arrest and prosecution of those involved in the most recent killing of rhino in the Eastern Cape.2016 has been a bleak year for rhino in the province with a number of brutal poaching incidents having taken place. If members of the public have any information that can assist in the apprehension of these perpetrators, they can contact the Wildlife Crime Tip-off Line. The number is 078 696 9494.









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