National Milktart Day !

We absolutely LOVE WEG Tydskif’s National Milktart Day initiative !
We also love how more and more folk are getting on board to not only supply gorgeous traditional milktart’s on the day but that many establishments are thinking out of the box and putting a modern spin on this popular soul satisfying treat.
Amarula milktart, milktart cheesecake, milktart poffertjies, milktart pancakes…. WHO CAN RESIST ? 🙂
We so enjoyed following the days events via the National Milktart Day INSTAGRAM account: National Milktart Day on Instagram

Mouthwatering posts to tempt even the most dedicated dieter 🙂
Something for the banting crowd…low carb milktart !
Milktart pancake – such a great idea !
Milktart Poffertjies, fresh and hot out of the oven mmmmmm
Bakers came in all shapes and sizes…and species 🙂 I guess if you have contributed you deserve a morsel too right !
Safricans from across the globe getting in on the act…all dressed up for the occasion …
Milktart sundowners – Ching ching !
A masterpiece that skriks for niks – Coffee Milktart
Something for everyone, and I mean EVERYONE 🙂
Happy satisfied milktart faces…

Looking forward to National Milktart Day 2018 already 🙂

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