Baby Ellie PILE ON !

My hubby always says that the two happiest creatures on the planet have to be farm dogs and elephant calves – I have to agree with him. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, young elephant chasing warthogs, nose diving into waterholes, flinging their silly little trunks around, sliding down embankments – their goofiness knows no bounds –  an unexpected scene like this unfolds….
We had been sitting at Gwharrie Waterhole in Addo Elephant National Park soaking up the scene of a multitude of elephant quenching their thirst. Just as we pulled away I noticed two youngsters walking together and seemingly engaged in conversation. Yelling for hubby to stop so I could snap a quick pick, I never for a second thought we would get to see the greatest baby ellie interaction EVER unfold in front of our eyes ! 🙂

” Hey, d’you feel like playing…?”
”kay, but let me have a drink of water first ”
”I just sits here and wait for you…..”
‘Weeeee, I gots your back ! ”
…number 4 heads in to join the fun……
..and that’s when the trouble started !
” HEY – you guys are HEAVY ! ”
” Okay, I stands on my tippie-toes then…is that better ? ”
”Squash, squash, squash…too much of fun ”
” BREAK IT UP KIDS – before someone gets hurt !”

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