Africa’s Toilet Humour

One thing is for sure in Africa, we all need to ‘go’ and anything goes apparently 🙂
The signs one can come across ” No Washing Here ” or “Please Flash After Use ” – and even signs on exactly how to urm, ‘go about your business’ – OR NOT !
Toilets that tell you that they are not to be used as…toilets – toilets that double up as drying rooms for biltong and toilets in strange places…
Thankfully we all have quite a fabulous sense of humour and somehow we manage to ‘go’, no matter what….
Here are just a few pics from our facebook album, TOILET HUMOUR – enjoy !

Can you spot the problem here ?


African Bush Adventures
Telling it like it is 🙂 Thanks to African Bush Adventures


Burkino Faso
Was there no other way ?


Elliot Shrage
When nature calls 🙂 Thanks to Elliot Shrage


Fritz Breytenbach
Well, would you…could you…. ? Thanks to Fritz Breytenbach


Jean-Marie Akkerman
Double Trouble that’s for sure 🙂 Thanks to Jean-Marie Akkerman


Joy Mullin
Taken in the ladies ablution block at Robins Camp, Hwange, Zimbabwe. I quickly discovered that it was best to turn the tap on before you sit down, so that the cistern is ready to flush when you stand up again. Thanks to Joy Mullin


Marya Malinowski
Er…alrighty then….. Thanks to Marya Malinowski


Mercia De Waal.
Lift your feet up QUICK ! Thanks to Mercia De Waal


Michael G Bucknall
What is it then, stop but don’t go ? 🙂 Thanks to Michael G Bucknall


Monica Henning Piek
Genius or ….. ? Thanks to Monica Henning Piek


Peter Windhövel
Thanks to Peter Windhövel ”NGEPI Camp, near Divundu, Namibia: separate entrances for men/women; at least they meet here”


Pierre Le Guillou
Toilet Tree ! Thanks to Pierre Le Guillou


Shaldean Van Der Merwe
Lost in Translation ? 🙂 Thanks to Shaldean Van Der Merwe

For more TOILET HUMOUR images, please visit the album on our facebook page.



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